Me on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy, for Comic Book Resources (2013)

Me on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy, for Comic Book Resources (2013).

I am a London-centric freelance writer who specialises in not specialising. For almost ten years I’ve made a living by turning my hand to any writing work I can find, and in that time I’ve developed highly transferable skills that apply to almost any project: I research and write quickly (but accurately), I’m a pitch machine, and I don’t ever miss my deadlines.

I’m also an experienced comedy writer, editor, podcaster, and the co-head of independent production company Chaos Theatre, which exists to produce long-form comedy content on the web. Which is to say, not YouTube sketches that involve jumping off a shed and hoping someone gets hurt enough to go viral.

Journalism Skills
• Interviewing
• Sub-editing & Proofreading
• Researching
• Transcription
• Copywriting

Production Skills
• Directing
• A/V Editing
• Project Managing
• Budgeting
• Scriptwriting & Script Editing

Computer Skills & Applications
• Broad programming/scripting experience
• Proficient with CMS systems and blogging platforms
• In-depth knowledge of social media
• Very experienced using office applications and media editing suites.
• Knowledge of Windows and Unix-based operating systems.
• Excellent general knowledge of computing & technology.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter.