Following the success of the Independent Minecraft Guides I co-produce, Dennis Publishing asked us to work on a 4-weekly children’s magazine covering the game.

As an editorial contributor, I help determine the content of each issue as well as writing the lead features, answering letters and producing supplements.

Minecraft World was launched in early 2015, the first regular Minecraft magazine to be produced in any country. It remains the best-selling Minecraft publication around despite a number of competitors and imitators being launched in the months since. In the UK can be bought in high-street retailers including WH Smiths, as well as many major supermarkets, as well as being sold in other territories worldwide.

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Each regular issue of Minecraft World costs £4.99 and comes with a number of free gifts, from toys to booklets to sweets. At time of writing (January 2017) we have produced 25 complete issues and continue to produce them on an ongoing basis. The material is also repackaged into a number of books, such as those pictured below: