Computing & Technology Writing

My university degree was in Computer Science and my first job out of university was as a UK Market Engineer for Yahoo!, so when I took voluntary redundancy to become a freelance writer in 2007 it was only natural that I should find work writing about the computer industry. Since that time I have been a contributor to Micro Mart magazine, where I regularly review hardware, test software and write long-form features. For 3 years I was a security expert in the weekly column, Ask James, and recently I have been running a weekly spotlight on crowdfunding projects. I have also written on tech-based subjects for other outlets including The Literary Platform, Channel 4, and Wired UK, where I was a regular news contributor.

From 2007-2008 I was also a Site Director (essentially the editor) for the IGN sub-sites, Classic Gaming and Planet X-Men, where I assisted with major relaunches, managing a team of writers to create original content and disseminate promotional material. I also wrote reviews, articles, news items and other site copy, performing sub-editing, QA & proofing on any submissions during that period.

Even further back, from 2003-2004 I worked as a QA tester and occasional level designer for the Leamington-based games company Aqua-Pacific, which is now defunct. Nothing to do with me, that.

Script Services

I currently offer a script-reading and editing service. Please email for rates. I specialise in sketches, sitcoms and comic book scripts, but I’m happy to read anything. A quick & honest response guaranteed!

James provided me with prompt and helpful notes, which helped improve scripts and gave me the confidence to start brandishing them around.” – Abigail Brady

“James gave clear and honest feedback that proved invaluable in steering a project in the right direction. Quick turnaround too!” – Luke Whiston

Comics & Podcasting Work

I was a comic reader long before most people had ever heard of Tony Stark, which means I’ve delighted in the growing prominence of the medium, not least for the freelance opportunities it’s afforded me. My expert-level (yes, you may also read that as “nerd-level”) interest in comics has gotten me work for Film4 and the New Statesman, regular spots in the sadly-departed Comic Heroes and SFX magazines, and work on podcasts such as the Graphic Novel Book Club Podcast and Alternate Cover podcast.

From 2008-2013 I was a staff writer/reviewer at Comic Book Resources, the biggest comic book news site on the web, and a complete archive of my work for them can be found here. From 2007-2008 I ran a Jeffrey Brown oeuvreblog called Crudely Drawn Naked People. In 2009 I contributed a comic to the sold-out anthology Phonogram Vs. the Fans, which contained stories based on Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s comic series, Phonogram.

At present, I am one half of the editorial team for Panel Beats, a collective of comics fans who write criticism, features and reviews, and one-third of the broadcasting team for Cinematic Universe, a new fortnightly comic movies podcast hosted by Film4’s Joe Cunningham. I am also working on a number of comic pitches, and always in search of artists. If you’re an artist looking for a well-connected writer to work with, please get in touch!