Cinematic Universe is a fortnightly podcast all about superhero movies and the comics that inspired them. Presented by Film4’s Joe Cunningham, I am one half of the regular panel which also includes Den of Geek writer Seb Patrick. Our aim is to cover a wide range of superhero movies across the decades and apply critical rigour and deep analysis to them. I’ll let you decide whether we succeed.

We launched in January 2015 and have continued weekly since then, attracting several thousand regular listeners (I have no idea how that compares to other podcasts, but I like the sound of it). We regularly feature guests from the world of TV and film criticism including Sarah Dobbs (Total Film, SFX), Caroline Side (The Onion A/V Club), Andrew Ellard (of “Tweetnotes” fame) and many, many more.

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Player.FM or download it directly from Libsyn’s feed at


The podcast contains the following sections:

1. Movie News. Joe presents the week’s biggest headlines while Seb and I offer commentary and opinions.

2. Main Review. A three-hander discussion about the week’s featured superhero movie, which we have all rewatched beforehand. Does it hold up? How does it sit in the overall canon of superhero movies? What are its themes and motifs? And how does it compare to the source material.

3. Recommendations. At the end of the discussion, Seb and I recommend Joe a comic or graphic novel to read based on the film we’ve just watched, which he then reviews in the follow-up minisode that comes out the week after.

4. Pitches. A fun segment where Joe asks Seb and I to come up with a movie pitch based on a specific theme (i.e. A Marvel/DC crossover movie) and Seb and I try our hardest to undermine the format to make nerdy in-jokes that he doesn’t understand but which I guarantee about 3 listeners are absolutely killing themselves over.

In between releases, we put out “minisodes” which just cover the week’s news and Joe’s comic reactions, and we’ve also been known to release special discussion episodes, such as our Netflix Daredevil special (which featured a Charlie Cox interview).